My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

Waking an alive corpse..

No hault,no sane shall remain ever.
In you  ,a  candle that is lit by  The majestic lord,God.
Shall show the route driven ,escorted  towards destinic  glory.
All , to be done ,not just write ,and saty still as rock.
But act  , only act.
As famined  is the art within ourselves ,for ages now.

Confront the day , the minute as not so to disappear.
Burry in deep swamp  the thought , that not  allow to unveil the mistakes.
Seek emancificated fellows around you,
As the green herb chooses, coluorfull state of efflorence,bright  flowers around.

Earn the fame ,
So with Wisdom rules, the kingdom  of  words coming indepth.
Sown in  soil that cannot be regretted in life's whole work , Inside.
Be truth , a word  ,So action be followed from behind.
Remember evry still of clock that ,
Words are blamed for fall of any nation ,Not the Swords.

Dream for a Name, a Style,
A Passionate piece of  flesh,eager to be diclared a winner.
So not to be perished in dungeon , crippled for forgery , misery Over peace.

So to be lighted in every sentence ,
Dare enough to be shredded ,
Against no charged Offence.
Even an inocent soul  you shall be delared by holy court.

Desire not a long life of a Verse ,
but Just dream a grain, a word of meaning , to support  a falling stem.
Short  fitted apt  and lead a glorius life.
So the crowd around shall feel honour to live under Our majestic command.


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