My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.


He a stone sculpted into warrior,
A demon grown into an Angel,
A curse over dungeon dark,
Night mare  for faultious RHINE'S.
Because he ,the future weapon..

OH ! historians get ready to encript the histories,
        Great sands ,with due respect step aside,
Sorceress O ceans  make a way,
Mighty wind just go silent,

With thunders welcoming,
In lightened path,

Here He comes,A canon ,an extreme self.
The greatest ever,poisoned tail scorpian,
Touch not Him , a flaming Sun,
He a sharpened Sword  ,ready ,rip apart the neck .
Nevr try deny flaw's,
He the writer of fate.

An eminent arrow driven ,through the enemy chest.
Great ready taking hard rocks,never want easy roads.
Greatest is the name of  generated Courage.
He Inspires a roaming soul on verge of death .
He a stone sculpted into aWarrior.................

Scar's on face,is the lame reward recieved.
Clotted blood feed the hungry flies,in around.
Checked at every fall,
Through the hell He stepped into Heaven.
Never ceased at any sense touches.

People ,  praised him a Princess  of jungle king star.
And I named Him, An Angel,
But from Hell.



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