My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

I .....Your Heart.....

You a Calamite,lie in my heart.
Justify your stay ,before you drew the Heaven away.
Blazzing wind shredded away ,
The shining leaves That aged dry..
Falling as  a helpless hope,off the kindled  branches
Similar as  you  in dreams ,the thief of my nights.......

Stunts you create ,for the jury 
To satisfy A reasonable  fog fall..
 I stand as aaccused in all your claims..
As Written I thought  am invincible..
Feeling you every lone minute my Knight.
yes, I born for only you to conquer...

Tender snow breezing earthdown,
Touching warm skin of breathe of land..
 You strive tons of times to drive my attention..
But I ,a princess in disguise a maid in palace filled with your scent..

Now I turn around ,no sign i see you in the wonderfull portraits of Me...
Where I found me ,is A dungeon again ,
Again served thesame  lonliness you left..
Taultuous thoughts surround my every slight movements,
As the brightened clouds bearing your name in my heart..
Ready to rain your Affectionate LOve.... 
My heart is with you ,My Knight..



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