My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

Prey to victory...

Every  threat shall forget it's purpose,
If you are enough strong at your will
To supervise the steps of ladder to superior level.
Will a wish snd root it deep,
Care not any applause or  pause ,or any delivered hinderence,
Only dream in you shall burnn for thousands of years,Glowing bright.
Make a journey to peak and unique one,
So that none has suffered as you did this one last time.
Plot a plan ,so that enemy  breached of every drop of blood.
You hunger of kingship ,
Make your dream come true.

Isn't  far the day,
The day,that lanthern on street shall light your way ,
In empty  cimmerian way,
Ploughing it's own life for you ,as a deed of honour.
Isn't far the  Time ,
The time, that  you  dress fancifull to pulbish your grandeur.
Shall be Granted  by god.
All you need to pretend uncivilized,
And stand away distant enough ,from your wants,
Till and untill your aim satifies..

Make habituated to win,
With which every second spent wise.
Don't run into things you cannot afford .
As the poorness ,that colour of every nation,
Spreded as a disease ,from each year that world can't afford.

When you are victorious,
The floods of rivers , like the out break of revolt ,
That bleaches every shore pale without a single penny to  spare.
Will forget  own name ,to flash at and stays behind,
When you pass over the bridge of difficulties.
By your great  faith on God .

Walk miles,just not to run wrong direction,
Be a guard to the future missile.
Nothing can be gained ,in the way without pain.
The greatest example you shall never exile.



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