My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

Nomad of my heart...



Show me now,a cloud cry,
Reel me how ,to film  a day,
Build a shore ,to throw me far from you,

Only the lord know,the swamp sweat I  take in How.
They way  I dred  ,till you KNOW , the story hidden deep  within.
End the shine , you show on me,
Stop the play you write casting me,
Oh ,god let me know,you fail me How ?

The smile that born on my face, loking at stormy Him.
The thought that Just  ,just I  dreamt ,ceasing  , from your world.
The time cried ,when you away,leaving me.
All I left ,left alone.

Without fail, O h ! thoughts  , just move and touch His heart.
Tell him now,I wish Him all ,so my life all alone, as only One.
All the doubts ,swayed away ,and blown away.

The mad I roam all the rooms ,
Breeze my time ,on your laughs,
Oh ! God tell him how,
All I wish only Him.

The debt i had to pay,I shall not repay,
It;s beauty for me,and foolish to world is known.
He might visit you ,Once ,The evening star,
Make only aquaintence,not love.
Because all I feel,breathe in me, is only He.

Just make way , for him to pass through my heart ,Oh ! mighty cloud.
And make him stay,in the tent of my soul for ever,
Then shall I pray you for hundred of years ,If not through out my life.

Even avenge all my fear ,all my fear.
My lone soul, waiting Him.

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