My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

Running on wave.........

As a stone I  sat on the couch,
A little of some sadness in my heart,
Matching with prevailing dark in my room.

The light entering into my room,Attracted  the feeling of something large part  here.
Shared a space either sides of doors , the realness revealed.
Just seemed as the rays of sun, enroach onto earth,
The shine prevailed as mystic magic in my room.

The thoughts passed way , as a bullet gunned from a rifle.
I passenger of dreaming bus, 
Was busy as usual
Watching every incident of my life ,In the theatre  of Past.
Tuning into every memory,
Like a child watching a pole to pole ,sitting inside a train, through window,
I  imagined ,actually the Past.
I promised myself,to pay the God for my happiest moments.
Whilst I'm still on the side of an Ocean ready to get hit by bursty storm.

I smiled for every drop of rain,
Sprinkeld on my by mother sky.
I hardly knew ,that I was traveeling through dreams of past called memories.


Invention of Me...

I was surprised,after disovering the invention of  myself.
That truth, they say in this world is , I was born.
Here they say , I shall  learn to write and taught Deescipline in life.

I was surprised again ,
This time ,that I actually realised the reality of myself.
 As fresh breeze I  step on to this vast world.
I hardly knew ,
Our thoughts are  lacking wisdom, from times of immemorial.

Every day I lived,evry second i painted.
To see the best of future,than now.
As one civilized ,I was told.
As a literate ,I was addresed.
But now I invented, I am  a nomad wandering undressed,
In the midst of  civilization ,
Just not for myself,but for formalities to serve.

I have an uncurable disease,
Spread all over myself,   this is something I knew .
I have not cared, 
For what I left behind,
For those clouds I left raining,
For that tigress  in me ,I let to starve,
For those floods ,I left to overflow.

All I discovered I am living in hypnotised world by wants of luxury. 
I am just alive buybody,
But  dead by heart .
This is all invented of me For now.


Waking an alive corpse..

No hault,no sane shall remain ever.
In you  ,a  candle that is lit by  The majestic lord,God.
Shall show the route driven ,escorted  towards destinic  glory.
All , to be done ,not just write ,and saty still as rock.
But act  , only act.
As famined  is the art within ourselves ,for ages now.

Confront the day , the minute as not so to disappear.
Burry in deep swamp  the thought , that not  allow to unveil the mistakes.
Seek emancificated fellows around you,
As the green herb chooses, coluorfull state of efflorence,bright  flowers around.

Earn the fame ,
So with Wisdom rules, the kingdom  of  words coming indepth.
Sown in  soil that cannot be regretted in life's whole work , Inside.
Be truth , a word  ,So action be followed from behind.
Remember evry still of clock that ,
Words are blamed for fall of any nation ,Not the Swords.

Dream for a Name, a Style,
A Passionate piece of  flesh,eager to be diclared a winner.
So not to be perished in dungeon , crippled for forgery , misery Over peace.

So to be lighted in every sentence ,
Dare enough to be shredded ,
Against no charged Offence.
Even an inocent soul  you shall be delared by holy court.

Desire not a long life of a Verse ,
but Just dream a grain, a word of meaning , to support  a falling stem.
Short  fitted apt  and lead a glorius life.
So the crowd around shall feel honour to live under Our majestic command.


Nomad of my heart...



Show me now,a cloud cry,
Reel me how ,to film  a day,
Build a shore ,to throw me far from you,

Only the lord know,the swamp sweat I  take in How.
They way  I dred  ,till you KNOW , the story hidden deep  within.
End the shine , you show on me,
Stop the play you write casting me,
Oh ,god let me know,you fail me How ?

The smile that born on my face, loking at stormy Him.
The thought that Just  ,just I  dreamt ,ceasing  , from your world.
The time cried ,when you away,leaving me.
All I left ,left alone.

Without fail, O h ! thoughts  , just move and touch His heart.
Tell him now,I wish Him all ,so my life all alone, as only One.
All the doubts ,swayed away ,and blown away.

The mad I roam all the rooms ,
Breeze my time ,on your laughs,
Oh ! God tell him how,
All I wish only Him.

The debt i had to pay,I shall not repay,
It;s beauty for me,and foolish to world is known.
He might visit you ,Once ,The evening star,
Make only aquaintence,not love.
Because all I feel,breathe in me, is only He.

Just make way , for him to pass through my heart ,Oh ! mighty cloud.
And make him stay,in the tent of my soul for ever,
Then shall I pray you for hundred of years ,If not through out my life.

Even avenge all my fear ,all my fear.
My lone soul, waiting Him.

Escape of Hesperus - 3

Awe - inspiring ,My soul cried !
I walked the tempest way of the God ,to  reach P rincess.
The  many mountains ,in  passage  I slaked.
Tells the every stern difficulties I faced.
The desires Of me ,I burnt,
This a longest journey , a reign of Four lame Years.
The dark ness  escorted every way of mine towards a silent peace.

If not  Highness, no lady  Could dare enough to rest here , in a chilled dark.
If not this way  ,no chance the Princess chose the  else Other.
All I flashed at each shrine,the house of god,
Is to pray , 
  I hoped  to  foresee , the day I  wish to find  Highness.
And claim my fame worth the sun,moon,earth and sky.

Prevailing stories have been estimated,
Echoing superstitions formulated,
And to  trace the path I had to  seek  Angel's  help.
For path,to be dictated. 

Found at the passage of truth,
All the beasts misted Her Highness,
 Like dried petals of flowers to foresake.

Enroaching into  breathe,that  pearl.
Her Highness  turned into  flame of dream.
Crouching to be freed,
Her Highness sparkled the smile all Over .
Spokes have been pierced into lif's hard way,
Explained me the solemn reason for Great Escape.

Astonished !
Oh ! I see now goddess , herself goldness sheltered in .
In disguise of King's Princess,
She the Venus has landed on Earth,the MIghty One.
Flying feathered flemingo ,
Singing over steep tone,
Her Highness awakened Me , And headed heavenward.
I lost her path,
I shall deem for mistake ,at the King's Court.
All I have left is the broken path ,esteemed misery.




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