My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

Storm's way....

Enchanted, a lost girl..
Found at the gates of truth.
In between The screams of wild beasts , As a pet you sheltered.
To break the silence,
I started rooting you around  my self,availing a peace of a second.
Disclosing thoughts in the convenient In cagnito.
To wash Out the rival tears of  you.
I wish to avenge your every Fear.

How shall I know, To ripe the smile on your pleasant Praising lips.
Rushing as fast as floods ,I brought The Book,ink.
I flowed each strink,
Bringing every art in hidden to draw a Sketch of little Storm.

Suddenly I heard A voice,
"Oh ! god wake up",shouted mother.
I woke up
 This storm is the girl ,
And I was dreaming .
Seriously !


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