My Dreams.......

My Dreams.......

A true Lie from my life.

The present..............

A present , a gift  is a desperate desire to delight TRUTH IN YOU.
There clearness is cute, rich to confuse unwantedness.

Hire a messenger ,even hug him,
As he brings in some exult thoughts from other hearts for  you.
And  reply him with caring words ,IN SUCH A WAY,
So the letter is filled with concern for sorrow,
Fireworks as happy moments shall be blast into up sky,in  answer.
As a present  of festive  mood and shall not lack your honesty.

Shook  generous ego ,
Off the shoulders upto last breathe.

A win is not on oppenent ,
But on reasons led you to contend a fight.
Compel  puzzled selfish taste away ,
To excel the joy. is the present you give to self.

Every tune in us either wrong or right ,
Given,shall be acceptable in hUmble.
Bare this accusation  strive to win, is the sole reason we  born.
 As a bee of honey ,
Cursed of theft  of elixir from blossoms is not a convict.
And wishfull magical present of nature .

Though a lot fun ,not noted.
Shall not emphasize  towards unillumination of rejoice that has lived.
As clear as fresh face of a  self leess nomad
Shall be your thoughts, dull and clear.
Similar to moon's glow on a No moon Day
Is the presnt to the humans, a thorne tense relief.

But soon ,these little things,
The times we laugh whole heartedly.
Cannot be forgotten for entire life.
When walked with stick not much distance but enough far ,Old.
Have costed much to recall the memories of monuments built in past.
Every step we pass by ,we shall see a present of past.

Does not know when this lightless morning ends,
But knew for sure ,it reaches holyness and truth , after eclipse.
As toes  felt gloomy shade
After  walking in tormented way of  testification in sands.
An Oasis is the presnt of hope.

Walking on the shores of decisions,
You shall be a present yourself,
Just a sa messenger and a sparrow, rejoice for your own work.

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